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We've got the skills and the tools to get any administrative job done. So relax! And focus on your priorities. Your virtual assistant works remotely and is available flexibly - you decide the number of hours.
Moneypenny virtual assistance service - your remote professional

Connecting the desks

With our dedicated team of Virtual Assistants, we offer remote management support for any organization, team or project. From just an ‘extra pair of hands’ to a full squad of remote professionals. And with our training and consulting services, we share our more than 20 years of remote working expertise.

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Want to learn more about what Moneypenny has to offer? Check out our website and tap the Google translate icon in your Chrome browser. However, your best bet is to contact founder and CEO of Moneypenny Marianne Sturman directly via +31(0)6 51 222 840. As a native English speaker she’ll be happy to take your call and answer any questions you may have.

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